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SMART Guide to Adolescent Recovery and Treatment

The Participant's Manual (First Edition)
Lee A. Underwood and Frances L.L. Dailey

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SMART Guide to Adolescent Recovery and Treatment: The Participant's Manual is a companion text to the authors' provider's guide. Written from the adolescent perspective, it includes lesson plans and homework assignments that support and amplify critical treatment best practices for this population.

This workbook uses a structured approach that guides juvenile with sexual behavior problems through experiential and reflective activities that progress week by week. The information gleaned from these activities will assist practitioners in thinking about specific issues related to a particular juvenile offender, and then forming meaningful strategies to incorporate into actual counseling sessions. Target areas include arousal reconditioning, cognitive distortions, deviant sexual fantasies, victim awareness, thinking errors, anger management, social skill development, and relapse prevention. The workbook also addresses the use of a program discharge checklist.

Grounded in cognitive behavioral theory and outcomes research, but appropriate for and accessible to juvenile offenders, SMART Guide to Adolescent Recovery and Treatment can be used by behavior health professionals, legal professionals, juvenile justice administrators, and clinical supervisors seeking to provide a methodological map for clinical interventions in working with juveniles with sexual behavior problems.

Lee A. Underwood has over 30 years of experience counseling juvenile sex offenders. Dr. Underwood holds a Psy.D. in clinical psychology and is a professor in the doctoral program for counselor education and supervision in the School of Psychology and Counseling at Regent University, where he also serves as the director of the Center for Addiction and Offender Research. He has authored over sixty professional journal articles and three books.
Frances L.L. Dailey has over 17 years of experience in mental health, child welfare, and juvenile justice fields. She holds a Ph.D. in counselor education and supervision, is an assistant professor in the School of Psychology and Social Sciences at Argosy University, part-time instructor for Grace College, and director of research for USA Consulting and Dailey Consulting. Dr. Dailey is a professional counselor whose research interests include sex trafficking and juveniles in secure care and residential treatment facilities. She has authored several professional journal articles and three books.

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