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Perceptions of Diversity and Integration Resulting in CrisisLorraine Dinkel

Perceptions of Diversity and Integration Resulting in Crisis

A Reflective Workbook (First Edition)
Written and edited by Lorraine M. Dinkel

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0586-9, 138 pages


Designed to serve as a workbook for courses on multicultural competence for professional counselors and professional school counselors, Perceptions of Diversity and Integration Resulting in Crisis: A Reflective Workbook helps practitioners and pre-service practitioners become aware of their own beliefs and attitudes regarding diversity and delivers knowledge that enables them to place this new awareness in a real-world context.

The book addresses topics such as personal blocks to diversity awareness and acceptance, understanding and accepting gender roles, identity development models, and populations to describe affiliation. Each of the chapters opens with an awareness activity to engage students in the topic. The focus then shifts to increasing knowledge, followed by case studies or application-oriented assignments. Chapters conclude with a section that examines the impact of crises occurring in contemporary society and self reflection on how to address them in diverse, multicultural populations.

Filled with useful exercises, and rooted in the constructivist and experiential approaches, Perceptions of Diversity and Integration Resulting in Crisis emphasizes self-examination and application. It is an excellent choice for courses in diversity and multicultural competence, as well as an excellent supplemental resource for crisis counseling courses.

Lorraine M. Dinkel is a licensed professional counselor and assistant professor of school counseling at Texas A&M International University, where she teaches courses in school counseling, crisis intervention in the school setting, and counseling diverse populations. Dr. Dinkel holds a Ph.D. in counselor education from the University of New Orleans. Her current scholarship focuses on understanding how meaning in life can be derived from crisis experiences for counseling graduate students as well as the impact of crisis on training school counselors. She has published her work in numerous peer-reviewed journals and is a regular conference presenter.