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Crisis and Trauma Counseling

Unique Forms of Helping (First Edition)
Eric Owens and Richard Parsons

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This text introduces students to the nature of crisis and provides them an overview of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required by mental health professionals to successfully assist in a time of crisis. The book addresses psychological and mental health emergencies, crisis research and theory, specific intervention methods for emergencies, and the impact of crises on individuals across the lifespan.

Eric Owens, Ph.D., is an associate professor of counseling education at West Chester University, a crisis counselor in private practice, and a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health volunteer. He earned his Ph.D. in counselor education and supervision at Duquesne University.
Dr. Richard Parsons has been a private practitioner for over thirty years, and serves as a consultant to mental health service organizations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. He is also a professor in the Counselor Education Department at West Chester University, and the author of over 80 books, chapters, and articles.

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