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Welcome to the Professional WorldGary R. Martin

Welcome to the Professional World

Success Principles for Entering the Workforce (Fourth Edition)
Gary R. Martin

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-946-1, 188 pages


Dr. Martin's book Welcome to the Professional World provides students a valuable insight into the types of principles and issues that they will face once they graduate and enter the workforce. Many of today's graduates have little or limited exposure to how the working world operates; this book helps to bridge that gap.—Keith Level, Engineering Instructor, Las Positas College

Our students have really enjoyed Welcome to the Professional World. It is an easy read and immediately relevant. Many students have told me they thought it was one of the best books they have read in college because of its practicality. This includes students who first tell me "I hate to read!" Students who miss their initial internship class must read this book for part of their makeup work. I believe it prepares them to fit in to the work world right from the start. I find this to be one of my favorite resources and the feedback I receive from students supports that."—Lauretta Simpson, MA, LPC, Associate Dir. Career and Counseling Services Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI

Praise for past editions of Welcome to the Professional World

"Speaking directly to students, Gary Martin's Welcome to the Professional World, captures and illuminates the issues students need to address as they enter the world of work."—Larry Hill, Director of Cooperative Education, CSU Sacramento

"One of the key success strategies for today's student is learning how to make the transition from being a student to a professional. Gary's book provides the assistance needed for anyone seeking professional career opportunities. A must resource for students and those who work with students."—Marty Ford, Dean of Cooperative Education and Career Services, Drexel University

"Welcome to the Professional World is a book that every new professional should read. It provides a level of training and understanding from which all new professionals can benefit upon entering industry.”—Heather Goodwin, Cisco Human Resources

"Relevant, extremely informative, Welcome to the Professional World is an excellent collection of common sense information at a novice's fingertips. Where the parents and instructors left off, Welcome to the Professional World picks up to carry the student to success."—Fred Simpkins, Global Diversity, Hewlett Packard Company

“After spending a year in career and technical preparation with our seniors, this book was given to each student at graduation as the perfect capstone to their high school careers.”—Knute Momberg, Director of Career and Technical Education, Stockton Unified School District.

"I am using this book as one of the texts in my Intro to Engineering course, because there are sections (stated in Principles) that give the potential engineer insightful and practical information about what they can and should expect when they enter the profession, e.g. ethics, communication skills, cultural sensitivity and efficiency".—Gill Cruz, P.E., Engineering Faculty, Las Positas College

"Welcome to the Professional World is beneficial to our program because it gives our students a valuable tool to take with them when they complete their short-term job training programs. Part of our success depends upon our students' abilities to find jobs when they leave. Welcome to the Professional World provides them with information, ideas and tips on how to find jobs and keep them so that they can become self-sufficient. All of our students will receive a copy of this book."—Ms. Tiffanie Panella, Director of CalWorks, San Joaquin Delta Community College

Welcome to the Professional World: Success Principles for Entering the Workforce teaches students the kind of professionalism they need to know in order to transition from school to work. The book coaches them in success-oriented fundamentals.

A collection of notes, resources, and short essays, the book is based on interviews with those who are new to the workforce along with their supervisors. The material gives aspiring professionals insight into the workplace. It spares them the kind of embarrassment that comes from making basic behavioral mistakes in a professional setting.

This new, updated edition includes important information on benefits and financial planning, extensive bulleted “dos and don'ts”, e-mail ethics and efficacy, a section on work-life balance, and information on romances in the workplace.

Filled with useful advice, Welcome to the Professional World is an excellent resource for any course that prepares students to leave the classroom and enter the next phase of their working lives whether as recent high school graduates or as post-graduate school skilled professionals.

Gary Martin earned his doctorate in education at University of the Pacific, where he is now a professor in the School of Engineering and Computer Science and the director of the Heyborne Leadership Academy. Dr. Martin has served the Cooperative Education program at University of the Pacific for over thirty years. In 2014 he received both The Professor Who Changed My Life Award and the Faculty Mentor Award. Dr. Martin's professional writing has appeared in the Journal of Cooperative Education and the Journal of Engineering Education. He is the author of several books including Welcome to the Professional World, now in its fourth edition.