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Speaking WellCharles S Drinnon

Speaking Well

Practical Public Speaking for College Students (First Edition)
Edited by Charles S. Drinnon

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0361-2, 402 pages


A compilation of readings on the art and practice of public speaking, Speaking Well: Practical Public Speaking for College Students teaches two-year technical and career college students how to choose quality information on given topics, formulate valid and presentable speeches, and deliver correct, understandable presentations.

Speaking Well discusses speech anxiety, outlining, vocabulary and grammar issues, various types of speeches, and the important role of preparation. Students learn about topic selection, speech delivery, and presentation aids. The final chapters are devoted to readings on customer-service skills, ceremonial speeches for social gatherings, and public presentations on behalf of an organization. Care is taken to link the material to real-world speaking situations including introductions, job interviews, meeting presentations, and briefings.

Based on the editor’s fifteen years of college teaching experience, Speaking Well is filled with information and exercises directly related to the two-year technical college mission – enabling students to enter the workforce with the skills they need to succeed. This usable, accessible text is ideal for courses in communication and public speaking.

In addition to multiple master's degrees in English, management, and communication, Charles S. Drinnon is currently working toward an Ed.D in higher education leadership from Northcentral University in Arizona. Dr. Drinnon is a faculty member at Central Georgia Technical College, where he teaches both traditional and online courses and has played a key role in preparing student services programs in the Department of Arts and Sciences.