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Real-World LearningBernadette Friedrich

Real-World Learning

Preparing for your Profession Outside of the Classroom (First Edition)
By Bernadette Friedrich

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-500-4, 126 pages


The workbook Real-World Learning: Preparing for your Profession Outside of the Classroom was developed and designed to help students get the most out of experiential education opportunities. Through twelve engaging chapters, students explore topics such as lifelong learning after college, professionalism in managing workplace relationships, work-life balance, how managing a project differs from managing one's own life, the importance of professional ethics, the mindfulness mindset, and whether to pursue a career in academia or in industry.

Each chapter is designed around a specific career-related or career development topic. Students benefit from learning the theory behind the reasons for exploring each topic, as well as from the practical understanding of the knowledge they gain.

All chapters feature clear learning objectives, real-life examples, personal reflection and development activities, key terms, suggested readings, and a concluding worksheet that allows for a more exploration of the topic and how it relates to the students' future career. While some of the material may be of special interest to engineering students, it is all very applicable to any student seeking an internship, cooperative education experience, service learning opportunity, or study abroad program.

Bernadette Friedrich earned her Ph.D. in higher education administration at Michigan State University, where she is now the Director of Student Engagement at The Center for Spartan Engineering. Dr. Friedrich works with students and alumni at all levels to integrate their classroom knowledge with real-world work opportunities such as internships, cooperative education, and research experiences. A member of the American Society of Engineering Education, in 2016 Dr. Friedrich received their Alvah K. Borman award for her contributions to cooperative education in engineering.