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Effective Study StrategiesRobin Gilley

Effective Study Strategies

Practicing Academic Skills (First Edition)
By Robin Roach Gilley, MS Ed

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-207-3, 160 pages


Effective Study Strategies: Practicing Academic Skills is a learner-centered, instructor-guided, integrated study skills primer that targets struggling high school students, underserved college students, and under-prepared entry level college students. Concise, accessible, and practical, the book uses specific task chains to help students assess themselves, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and recognize the study skills they need to master.

Beginning with a chapter on writing personal goals, the book teaches students to effectively use a master calendar, manage their time over the course of the week and write focused to-do lists. Effective Study Strategies also addresses how to create an appropriate study environment, chapter and textbook previewing, note-taking guidelines and formats, and test-taking strategies.

Effective Study Strategies: Practicing Academic Skills focuses on helping students achieve success at the post-secondary level. It is designed for use in pre-collegiate study skills classes in outreach programs that support underserved students. It is also well-suited to classes on study skills and life skills at the post-secondary level.

Robin Roach Gilley earned her M.S. in higher education at Purdue University. Professor Gilley is an instructor of reading and study skills at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon, and a past recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award from the Northwest Association of Developmental Education. In addition to her work in the classroom, she also serves on the college wide “Chemeketa Reads” committee, a community shared reading experience for students, staff, faculty and community members. She is the author of Practicing Academic Skills: A Guide to Self-Discovery. Professor Gilley is a member of the National College Reading and Learning Association.