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Best Practices in Digital MediaTodd Shelton

Best Practices in Digital Media

A Beginning Developer’s Guide to Project Organization and Structure (First Edition)
Todd Shelton

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-301-7, 64 pages


Best Practices in Digital Media: A Beginning Developer’s Guide to Project Organization and Structure teaches beginning digital media students how to initiate, organize, and structure a digital media project and discusses how strong organizational skills will help them in the industry. The book emphasizes the importance of folders to keep projects intact throughout the development process and explains the positive outcomes of staying organized.

Students will learn important techniques used by industry professionals to keep their teams up-to-date on projects. They will see how this leads to reaching project deadlines as quickly and efficiently as possible, which increases client satisfaction and respect. The various chapters address specifics such as creating project structure, understanding project paths, creating templates for projects, and creating harmonies with directories.

Best Practices in Digital Media gives students skills that will not only help them complete their course projects successfully, but that will be useful and valuable as they enter the professional world. The book is best-suited to any introductory digital media or primary web course. Filled with widely applicable material, it can also be used in other introductory media classes.

After earning his master's degree in media arts and science, Todd Shelton joined the faculty of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis as a lecturer in the School of Informatics and Computing. Professor Shelton has created interactive media projects for award-winning firms and continues to use his knowledge doing freelance projects for various clients. In addition to teaching, he currently creates tutorial videos and runs Dev Workshop, which runs workshops that demonstrate how to develop web projects and use development tools.