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Baggage ClaimsJoe Marren, Amitra A. Wall, Susan Mary Paige, and Amy D. Rockwell

Baggage Claims

Attitudes and Skills to Pack for College (First Edition)
Joe Marren, Amitra A. Wall, Ph. D., C.S.P Susan Mary Paige, Ph. D, and Amy D. Rockwell, M.L.S, M.S

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-899-6, 226 pages


Baggage Claims combines the knowledge, academic backgrounds and life experiences of four educators to help first-year university students appreciate what college has to offer, and acquire the skills needed for academic success. It addresses the intangibles that impact this success, and prepares students for the rigors of the university experience.

The readings provide opportunities to engage in analysis and academic discourse, and become comfortable with sociological language and college-level reading and research. The material poses questions, gives examples of how to think and respond clearly, and provides guidance on writing about research.

The unique organization of the text approaches the first-year college experience as a journey. Each chapter advises students on what to pack, and what to leave home. Topics include the excess baggage of previous academic experience, the cosmetic, surface projection of oneself, what to carry on in terms of personal moral codes, and the usefulness of repacking with wise choices and new tools.

Baggage Claims can be used in communication and sociology classes. It is also a useful supplemental reader for any course designed to encourage critical thinking.

Joseph Marren earned his M.A. in history at St. Bonaventure University. He is an associate professor and the chair of the Communication Department at SUNY Buffalo State.

Professor Amitra A. Hodge-Wall, a graduate of Texas Woman's University, is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Buffalo State College. She is an applied sociologist who is often found working alongside community organizations. Most of her energies are spent on addressing issues that impact women, children, and other minority groups. In the classroom she embraces the orientation that encourages and empowers students to be active participants in society. She teaches social statistics, introduction to sociology, internship, social thought, research methods, race and ethnic relations, and women in society. Her research interest includes the examination of stratification in higher education.

Amy DiBartolo Rockwell earned an M.L.S. in library and information science and an M.S. in rehabilitation counseling, both from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is a librarian at the E. H. Butler Library at SUNY Buffalo State.
Susan Mary Paige completed her Ph.D. in elementary and early childhood education at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is a lecturer at SUNY Buffalo State.

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