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Applied Facilities Management for the Hospitality IndustryJohn E. Edwards

Applied Facilities Management for the Hospitality Industry

(Second Edition)
By John E. Edwards

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-1575-2, 310 pages


Applied Facilities Management for the Hospitality Industry is designed to provide readers with a practical approach to understanding the activities and responsibilities involved in managing the aspects of a hospitality enterprise. It presents real world analysis of the concerns, issues, and practices used by facilities managers in the profitable support of hospitality operations.

Written in clear terms and using a common-sense approach to facilities management, the book approaches complex issues in an easy to understand and relatable manner. Specific topics include the functions and responsibilities of a facilities manager, information management, effective communication, workload planning and staffing, and financial management, among others.

Applied Facilities Management for the Hospitality Industry features management tools and systems developed and used by the author in the management of large buildings and systems. Using real world experience in both the facilities and construction management of modern buildings and campuses, the book enables readers to not only understand the concepts, but also be prepared to use them in real world facilities issues in the hospitality industry.

John E. Edwards, M.B.A., F.M.A., is an instructor at Texas Tech University, teaching general management and facilities management to students majoring in restaurant, hospitality, and institutional management. He has over 30 years of facilities, logistics, construction, and lodging management experience. Professor Edwards is an established and published authority in logistics support for complex international operations in remote locations under adverse conditions.