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An Introduction to Web Development: A Conceptual ApproachEvelyn Stiller

An Introduction to Web Development

A Conceptual Approach (First Edition)
By Evelyn Stiller

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-630-1, 208 pages


An Introduction to Web Development: A Conceptual Approach presents essential computer and Internet concepts along with the “how to” information needed to be a well-informed beginning web developer.

Students will learn how the web works and how images are represented digitally. The book includes introductory guidelines on website design and explains how to use web page development tools, image editing software, and animation software.

In addition, An Introduction to Web Development offers important discussions about the societal and ethical issues related to web development. These range from considerations of the digital divide to the ethics of image editing. The material also addresses critical privacy concerns.

By making use of free software in the embedded examples, An Introduction to Web Development allows students to learn important web development tools without incurring excessive expenses.

An Introduction to Web Development effectively blends technical information and practical instruction. The book can be used in courses on introductory web development and computer literacy with an Internet focus.

Evelyn Stiller holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Florida State University. She is a professor of digital media at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, where she has developed courses in systems and administration, technology and society, web expressions, and the digital imagination. Dr. Stiller’s research interests include educational games and animation, diversity issues in technology, and the gendered nature of computer mediated communication. Her professional writing regularly appears in the Journal of Computing in Small Colleges, and she is the co-author (with Cathie LeBlanc) of Project-Based Software Engineering: An Object-Oriented Approach.