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The Nurse

The Nurse's Guide to Labs

A Quick and Easy Resource (First Edition)
Cheryl Miller

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0098-7, 202 pages


The Nurse's Guide to Labs: A Quick and Easy Resource is a quick, easy reference tool that helps nursing students understand common lab values. For each laboratory test, a clear definition is provided, along with some pathology if relevant. When relevant, students also learn what constitutes a normal versus a critical result. The guide explains common reasons for abnormal values, and addresses the nursing implications and responsibilities when such values occur.

Students will learn about commonly ordered combined labs. There are specific chapters devoted to oxygenation/respiratory labs, hematology, and cardiac, liver, and pancreatic labs. The guide also discusses other endocrine systems labs, such as tests for pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid abnormalities, renal labs, urine labs, and cerebrospinal fluid labs.

The Nurse's Guide to Labs has been developed for students preparing to become registered nurses, and can be kept as a useful reference tool for the working nurse. The guide is also well-suited to programs for licensed practical nurses, or anyone in a clinical setting who might need to know about and understand various lab tests and their results.

Cheryl Miller is a registered nurse who earned both her M.S.N. and her Ed.D. at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Dr. Miller is a professor of nursing at Chattanooga State Community College where she teaches medical-surgical nursing specializing in critical care, and serves as the chair of the nursing program effectiveness committee, and as liaison with area hospitals for student clinical placement. She is a past recipient of the Chattanooga State Teaching Excellence Award, and the author of three nursing books.

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