Practicum in Counseling

A Developmental Guide (First Edition)
Marianne Woodside and Chad Luke
Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-3178-3 ©2019
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Practicum in Counseling

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    Practicum in Counseling: A Developmental Guide is designed to guide counselors-in-training through a meaningful practicum experience. The text utilizes a developmental approach to empower students and encourage them to commit to professional growth and the development of their counselor identity.

    The text is divided into four sections. In Section One, students learn their role in practicum, how to establish a working relationship with their site supervisor, what to expect onsite during the first week, and more. In Section Two, they learn how to make contact with their first client, review basic helping skills, consider ethical and legal issues, explore the role of diversity in counseling work, and learn how to handle critical incidents. Section Three addresses the importance of supervision, self-advocacy, wellbeing, and personal agency in becoming an effective counselor. Practicum assessment and evaluation are also explored. The final section focuses on the conclusion of practicum and the beginning of an internship. Students learn how to transition their responsibilities and terminate work with their clients. They are encouraged to assess their knowledge, skills, and values to shape their goals for their internship.

    Featuring voices from students who’ve completed practicum, as well as valuable and highly applicable information from the authors, Practicum in Counseling is a winning resource for counselors-in-training enrolled in a practicum course.

    Marianne Woodside is a professor emerita at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She earned her Ed.D. in counselor education from Virginia Tech and her master’s degree in counseling from The Ohio State University. She has published numerous texts focused on human services, case management, and internship.
    Chad Luke is a counselor educator who teaches neuroscience for counselors, career counseling, theory, techniques, multicultural counseling, and crisis intervention at Tennessee Technological University. He is a clinical supervisor providing clinical and developmental consultation to students, graduates, and treatment programs, and a licensed professional counselor in Tennessee with 20 years of clinical and teaching experience. Luke has written and presented nationally on neuroscience, career development, group counseling, and psychological factors impacting college student development, among other subjects. He has been a director of counseling at a career counseling center and an associate dean for student success.
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