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Political Research Design and the Science of PoliticsChristopher Olds

Political Research Design and the Science of Politics

(First Edition)
By Christopher Olds

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0770-2, 186 pages


Political Research Design and the Science of Politics offers readers detailed information about the basic principles and nuances of developing empirical research design procedures to predict and describe political phenomena. In chronicling the predominant approaches used in empirical political research, the strengths and limitations of various research strategies are contrasted. Major controversies in contemporary political science are discussed. The volume addresses issues like the appropriate procedures involved in research transparency, and also lingering debates about the need for political science to be more accessible to both the general public and formal political actors.

As a result, this volume is bound to spark informed and passionate discussion, regardless of whether the reader is a novice or veteran to political science research. By simultaneously providing in-depth substantive details and eliciting critical thinking, Political Research Design and the Science of Politics is going to stimulate a meaningful dialogue about the current state of systematic political research inquiry.

Political Research Design and the Science of Politics is an excellent choice for classes that discuss research methodology and design in the field of political science or the social sciences.

Christopher Olds is a visiting assistant professor in political science at the University of Central Florida. As a researcher, he strives to combine theories and concepts from multiple fields of research together. Dr. Olds has published research in peer-reviewed journals spanning a variety of academic disciplines, such as Congress & the Presidency, American Journal of Medical Research, and International Journal of Innovation and Learning. A first generation college student, Dr. Olds earned his Ph.D. in political science from Texas A&M University, and B.A. degrees in political science and history at the University of California, San Diego.