Online Education

Practical, Theory-Based Advice for the Instructor (First Edition)
Mona Engvig, Ph.D.
Paperback, 172 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1545-5 ©2018
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Online Education

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    Online Education: Practical, Theory-Based Advice for the Instructor assists educators with facilitating learning in the online classroom, highlighting the role of key pedagogical aspects in delivering content and facilitating student interaction. Designed to help teachers give their students the best possible learning experience, the book focuses on the actual process of learning as the core theoretical base upon which online effective learning environments are developed and sustained.

    The book discusses how adults learn and how faculty can best assist them in reaching their educational goals. Online Education addresses how andragogy, problem-based learning, gamification, and cognitive apprenticeship relate to facilitated online education. The book also includes the results of several studies of online students and their professors, sharing advice on how to succeed in online classes. It gives online students a voice, presenting essays detailing their perspectives on their learning experiences and their views of effective and ineffective instruction.

    Research-based yet practical in approach, Online Education is written in an accessible style and features a wealth of advice on the real-world application of its concepts. Developed with educators new to online teaching in mind, the book is well-suited to upper-division and graduate level education courses, as well as courses helping educators transition from face-to-face to online teaching.

    Dr. Mona Engvig earned both her master's degree in sociology and her Ph.D. in administration and policy analysis from Stanford University, and also holds an M.A. in arts administration. A Fulbright recipient, she has conducted and authored several studies on the use of online education in corporate and academic settings. She served as the expert in charge of pedagogical aspects for the Harvard-Stanford E-learning Consortium and has consulted with many other universities. Dr. Engvig is the author of several online courses and books, including Online Learning: All You Need to Know to Facilitate and Administer Online Courses, as well as several articles on online education, educational innovation, and various topics related to management and leadership. She has taught online for numerous universities for almost 20 years, and has won the prestigious Drazek Teaching Award from University of Maryland.