Narratives on Positive Aging

Recipes for Success (First Edition)
Lisa E. Cox
Paperback, 300 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1043-6 ©2018
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Narratives on Positive Aging

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    Narratives on Positive Aging: Recipes for Success highlights the true stories and enhanced writing of diverse contributors on subjects related to positive aging. Organized thematically, the various chapters address topics such as family life, storytelling, the influence of money and career, sexual identity, politics, and more, and the part these play in lives that continue to be well-lived as people age.

    Each chapter includes an original introduction to the chapter's theme, which places the stories in context. A series of essays and brief memoirs on multiple themes, and reflections for educators, written by educators, enable instructors to use the book most effectively in their courses. Each chapter ends with concluding thoughts and discussion questions for use in class or as writing prompts. The organization and subject matter of the book are appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate students in gerontology.

    Narratives on Positive Aging is designed to serve equally well as a supplemental reader to primary texts on issues in gerontology, or as a unique stand-alone textbook. The story-telling narrative also makes the book of interest to lay readers in community groups or retreat settings.

    Lisa E. Cox earned her Ph.D. in social work and social policy at Virginia Commonwealth University and went on to obtain her license as a clinical social worker. Dr. Cox is a professor of social work and gerontology at Stockton University in southern New Jersey and the research chair of the university's Center on Successful Aging. Her areas of interest include social work practice, health care, cultural neuroscience, and gerontology.
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