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Middle East Business EnvironmentMorris A Kalliny, Hadi Alhorr, and Mamoun Benmamoun

Middle East Business Environment

(First Edition)
by Mamoun Benmamoun, Morris A. Kalliny, and Hadi Alhorr

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-677-6, 250 pages


Middle East Business Environment is a comprehensive reference for academics, global executives, and policymakers interested in the region. The book provides clear insight into the business environment as viewed from the perspectives of multiple disciplines.

The opening chapter discusses factors that affect the business environment in the Middle East. Subsequent chapters explore the main elements of Middle Eastern culture including religion, values, and attitudes, and consider how these affect business practices. They investigate how Middle Eastern countries are faring in their economic development efforts. They examine global trade regimes, the emerging field of global e-commerce, and challenges that may impede regional integration. They learn about Islamic finance and how it functions, and they look at marketing challenges facing Middle Eastern nations.

Middle East Business Environment helps students identify multiple forces that come into play in the environment where businesses operate in the region. The book can be used in courses in international business, international economics, and Middle Eastern studies.

Mamoun Benmamoun earned his M.B.A. in international business and finance and his Ph.D. in public policy analysis and administration at Saint Louis University, where he is now an assistant professor of international business.
Hadi Alhorr earned his M.B.A. in international finance and his Ph.D. in strategy and international management at Texas Tech University. He is now an associate professor of international business at Saint Louis University.
Morris A. Kalliny earned his M.B.A. at Northwestern University and his Ph.D. in international business and marketing at the University of Texas-Pan-American. He is an assistant professor of marketing at Saint Louis University.