Microbrewing Science

(Trade Edition)
Christopher L. Brown
Paperback, 142 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1855-5 ©2018
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Microbrewing Science

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    Have you ever dabbled in home-brewing, but your beer didn’t turn out quite right? Or wondered what scientific factors are behind the awesome flavor of your favorite IPA or kolsch? This book unlocks the secrets of beer brewing with science!

    Microbrewing Science provides easy-to-follow instructions that will have you fermenting homemade beer in no time, plus the scientific knowledge behind the brewing process that will provide you the confidence and knowhow to produce tasty, balanced brews like a pro. Infused with science-based tips, tricks, and in-depth explanations, this book will help you avoid common home-brewing mistakes, so you can create draughts you’re proud to share with friends and family.

    Based on his experience teaching an upper-division university course in brewing science, author and brewmaster Christopher L. Brown explains in detail the science behind the unique characteristics of various beer types, the importance of healthy yeast populations, sanitation and bottling, and the magic that occurs during the fermentation process. You’ll learn how to use advanced, specialized brewing equipment if you plan to invest in a robust home operation, as well as how to use common household items to streamline the brewing process or whip up beer on a modest budget.

    Whether new to home-brewing or looking to refine your craft, Microbrewing Science will help you take your brewmaster skills to the next level.

    Christopher L. Brown couldn’t have predicted his research and professional work in the endocrinology and development of larval fishes would segue into a passion for the science of high-quality home-brewing—but it did. His experience cultivating delicate marine microorganisms provided an ideal foundation for learning how to grow and nurture yeasts for beer production. After becoming a science-minded brewmaster, Dr. Brown established and taught an upper-division brewing science course for Florida International University’s School of Hospitality Management.