Mediated Perspectives

Media Ownership, Literacy, and Effects (Second Edition)
By Bick Treut
Paperback, 292 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-519-6 ©2016
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Mediated Perspectives

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    The anthology Mediated Perspectives: Media Ownership, Literacy, and Effects focuses on the history of the media from a media ecology perspective. It encourages students to think about the media system, not merely as a source of entertainment, but as a business designed to target viewers and sell products.

    The book explores topics such as the uses and gratifications of media, the psychological and physiological effects of media exposure, the corporatization of thought, and the impact of digitization. Students will also be introduced to post-positivist perspectives on the media, and ideological, cultural, and worldview perspectives on assessing media literacy. The material shows students that they must be grounded in media history, media literacy, and future thinking in order to think critically in today's media-sphere.

    For a generation rushing wholeheartedly to embrace the media in all its forms, Mediated Perspectives provides a fresh, startling point of view. Most importantly, it asks readers to actively engage in questioning their own assumptions and media participation. Mediated Perspectives is an excellent choice for introductory courses in mass media and media communications.

    Bick Treut earned an M.A. in communication from Ohio University, Athens, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is an associate professor of communication studies at Raritan Valley Community College, where his course offerings include communication theory, mass communication, interpersonal communication, and digital video portfolio development. Professor Treut is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Media Ecology Association. He speaks, writes, and consults on communication-related issues, drawing from his 20-year career as an independent communication consultant. He was a monthly columnist for Hunterdon Life magazine.
    "Treut is a media ecologist in the truest sense, arguing that we wake up to the way our culture and perspectives shape and are shaped by the media and institutions we use to communicate with one another. This fine book tells the story of how our media came to create our social environment, and how to navigate this ever-changing terrain."
    Douglas Rushkoff, author of Present Shock

    "A welcome antidote to all the watered-down, 'media is glam' texts out there. Treut gives us a lively, fresh, and critical take on media today— and gets it right."
    Michael Morgan, professor of communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst