Mechanical Testing of Engineering Materials

(Second Edition)
By Kyriakos Komvopoulos
Paperback, 118 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1337-6 ©2017
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Mechanical Testing of Engineering Materials

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    In Mechanical Testing of Engineering Materials students learn how to perform specific mechanical tests of engineering materials, produce comprehensive reports of their findings, and solve a variety of materials problems.

    The book features engaging, instructive experiments on topics such as the modification of material microstructure through heat treatment, hardness measurement and the interpretation of hardness data, and the extraction of elastic and plastic material properties of different materials from uniaxial monotonic and cyclic loading experiments. Students also learn about the mechanical behavior of viscoelastic materials, wear testing, and how to correlate measured fatigue properties to microstructure characteristics.

    This latest edition of Mechanical Testing of Engineering Materials includes illustrative examples, important formulae, practice problems and their solutions, and updated experiments with representative results. In addition, each chapter features a question set which can be used for laboratory assignments. Based on the requirements for undergraduate courses in the discipline, the book is ideal for classes on the mechanical behavior of materials.

    Kyriakos Komvopoulos is a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, where he teaches and conducts research on mechanics and physics of surfaces, tribology, fracture and fatigue of engineering and biological materials, and surface nanoengineering. The holder of several patents and awards, he has also published extensively with his work appearing in more than 300 publications at premiere journals on surface physics, mechanics, materials, bioengineering, and nanotechnology.