Marketing Fundamentals for Future Professionals

(First Edition)
Bruce Robertson
Paperback, 370 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-591-2 ©2017
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Marketing Fundamentals for Future Professionals

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    Marketing Fundamentals for Future Professionals offers concise yet comprehensive coverage of the language and theory of marketing and shows how marketing principles can be used in both personal and professional life.

    Modeled on practice-oriented handbooks, this easily adaptable text explains how marketing principles are fundamental to business and become life skills relevant to careers and relationships. Each chapter opens with an explanation of why students need to understand and master the content and how it can help them. Students learn about consumer behavior, segmentation and targeting, positioning, and product development and management. The book also discusses branding, services, promotional theory, personal selling, and strategic marketing.

    Neatly balanced between light, general interest marketing books and bulky academic texts that often seem to have little practical application, Marketing Fundamentals for Future Professionals is theoretically grounded yet highly practical. It is well suited to undergraduate business courses and will be especially helpful to anyone looking for a solid grounding in the marketing discipline regardless of where they are in their careers.
    The Second Edition will be published Spring 2019. ISBN: 978-1-5165-3847-8

    Following twenty years in sales and marketing, Bruce Robertson earned his Ph.D. in marketing at the University of Cincinnati and is now an associate professor at San Francisco State University. He has written for numerous peer-reviewed publications including Organization Science and the Journal of Professional Selling and Sales Management. Most recently his Atlantic Marketing Journal article, “Operating a Very Large-Section, Hybrid Principles of Marketing Class at a Public University: Lessons Learned over 10 Years,” received the Axcess Capon Innovation in Teaching Award. His presentation, “How I Teach 1200 Students Out of a 150 Seat Classroom,” has been featured at the Academy of Marketing Science and the Prentice-Hall Marketing Symposium. In 2011, Dr. Robertson was named an Outstanding Marketing Teacher by the Academy of Marketing Science.
    Adopting Instructors will receive PowerPoint Slides and a Test Bank.