Making Black Lives Matter

Confronting Anti-Black Racism (First Edition)
Kevin Cokley, Editor
©2022, 338 pages

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Making Black Lives Matter

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    2021 Graphic Design USA RecipientAt the heart of racist attitudes and behaviors is anti-Black racism, which simply put, is the disregard and disdain of Black life. Anti-Black racism negatively impacts every aspect of the lives of Black people.

    Edited by renowned scholar and psychologist Kevin Cokley, Making Black Lives Matter: Confronting Anti-Black Racism explores the history and contemporary circumstances of anti-Black racism, offers powerful personal anecdotes, and provides recommendations and solutions to challenging anti-Black racism in its various expressions.

    The book features chapters written by scholars, practitioners, activists, and students. The chapters reflect diverse perspectives from the Black community and writing styles that range from scholarly text supported by cited research to personal narratives that highlight the lived experiences of the contributors. The book focuses on the ways that anti-Black racism manifests and has been confronted across various domains of Black life using research, activism, social media, and therapy.

    In the words of Cokley: “It is my hope that the book will provide a blueprint for readers that will empower them to actively confront anti-Blackness wherever it exists, because this is the only way we will progress toward making Black lives matter.”

    Making Black Lives Matter is a book that is meant to be shared! The goal for Cognella for publishing this book is to amplify the voices of those who need to be heard and to provide readers free access to critical scholarship on topics that affect our everyday lives. We’re proud to provide free digital copies of the book to anyone who wants to read it. So, we encourage you to spread the word and share the book with everyone you know.

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    Chapters and contributors include:

    Introduction – Kevin Cokley, Ph.D.

    Part I – Activism

    Chapter 1: “Historical Overview of the Black Struggle: Factors Affecting African American Activism” – Benson G. Cooke, Edwin J. Nichols, Schuyler C. Webb, Steven J. Jones, and Nia N. Williams

    Chapter 2: “Facilitating Black Survival and Wellness through Scholar-Activism” – Della V. Mosley, Pearis Bellamy, Garrett Ross, Jeannette Mejia, LaNya Lee, Carla Prieto, and Sunshine Adam

    Chapter 3: “Confronting Anti-Black Racism and Promoting Social Justice: Applications through Social Media” – Erlanger A. Turner, Maryam Jernigan-Noesi, and Isha Metzger

    Chapter 4: “#Say Her Name: The Impact of Gendered Racism and Misogynoir on the Lives of Black Women” – Jioni A. Lewis

    Part II – Public Policy

    Chapter 5: “A Tale of Three Cities: Segregation and Anti-Black Education Policy in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin” – Annika Olson

    Chapter 6: “Policing the Black Diaspora: Colonial Histories and Global Inequities in Policing and Carceral Punishment” – Ricardo Henrique Lowe, Jr.

    Chapter 7: “Building Health Equity among Black Young People with Lived Experience of Homelessness” – Norweeta G. Milburn and Dawn T. Bounds

    Chapter 8: “Anti-Blackness and Housing Inequality in the United States: A History of Housing Discrimination in Major Metropolitan Cities” – Tracie A. Lowe

    Part III – Community Voices

    Chapter 9: “Values-Driven, Community-Led Justice in Austin: A Project” – Sukyi McMahon and Chas Moore

    Chapter 10: “Leveraging the Power of Education to Confront Anti-Black Racism” – David W. Nowlin, Robert Muhammad, and Llyas Salahud-din

    Chapter 11: “Let the Òrìṣà Speak: Traditional Healing for Contemporary Times” – Ifetayo I. Ojelade

    Chapter 12: “The Victorious Mind: Addressing the Black Male in a Time of Turmoil” – Rico Mosby

    Part IV – Student Voices

    Chapter 13: “Unsung, Underpaid, and Unafraid: Black Graduate Students' Response To Academic and Social Anti-Blackness” – Marlon Bailey, Shaina Hall, Carly Coleman, and Nolan Krueger

    Chapter 14: “To Be Young, Gifted, and Black” – Marlie Harris, Mercedes Holmes, Kuukuwa Koomson, and Brianna McBride

    Chapter 15: “From Segregation and Disinclusion: The Anti-Black Experience of Graduate School” – Keoshia Harris and TaShara Williams

    Read the press release to learn more about Making Black Lives Matter: Confronting Anti-Black Racism.

    Kevin Cokley is a distinguished teaching professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Educational Psychology and the Department of African and African Diaspora Studies at The University of Texas at Austin, where he holds the Oscar and Anne Mauzy Regents Professorship for Educational Research and Development. He is the director of the Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis. Dr. Cokley holds the title Distinguished Psychologist from the Association of Black Psychologists and is the past editor-in-chief of the Journal of Black Psychology. His research focuses on African American psychology with a focus on racial identity development, academic achievement, and the impostor phenomenon. He holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Georgia State University and M.Ed. in counselor education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
    Making Black Lives Matter: Confronting Anti-Black Racism is the recipient of a 2021 Graphic Design USA American Inhouse Design Award. Learn more about the honor in the Cognella press release.

    Read the press release to learn more about Making Black Lives Matter: Confronting Anti-Black Racism.