Mag-Filipino Tayo

Beginning Filipino (Newly Revised First Edition)
By Rosalinda Jacildo Falaminiano
Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-555-4 ©2016
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Mag-Filipino Tayo

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    Mag-Filipino Tayo is a conversational, interactive text for students with little or no knowledge of the Filipino language. Students will learn vocabulary and grammar and develop speaking skills through activities, exercises, illustrations, and photos.

    Students learn about “loaned” words from English and Spanish. They gain a firm understanding of how verbs in Filipino focus on aspect rather than tense. They learn the specific interrogatives used when asking about time and date.

    Each chapter includes sections on context, target communication skills, pronunciation lessons to help with new sounds such as the aspirated K, P, and T, grammatical structures, and culture.

    Student-friendly and easy to use, Mag-Filipino Tayo is an excellent text for students who want to improve their language skills and learn about the culture and history of the Philippines. The book can also be used by those who want to gain deeper insight into their own language and culture and interact with family members and relatives from the Philippines.

    Rosalinda Jacildo Falaminiano earned her Master’s degree in education, with an emphasis on teaching, from Alliant International University in San Diego, California. Professor Falaminiano has taught Filipino at San Diego State University and was an instructor of Filipino at the U.S. Navy/Military Personnel at San Diego State University LARC Foundation. She is currently an instructor at Southwestern Community College in San Diego, where she has contributed to updating the Filipino curriculum and the revision of the academic program review. She is the co-author of Reader for Wikang Filipino 2.