Lessons from a Legislative Life

(First Edition)
Robert C. Jubelirer | As told to Vincent P. Carocci With David A. Atkinson
Paperback, 194 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1136-5 ©2018
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Lessons from a Legislative Life

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    Lessons from a Legislative Life details Robert C. Jubelirer's 32 years of electoral service to the state of Pennsylvania. Weaving together personal experience and insight into the storied history of the state's politicians and public servants, the book provides a unique commentary on people and events.

    Readers will learn how Jubelirer came to serve, his early influences and inspirations, and his initial experiences in the state capitol. They will be introduced to prime political players, governors (who are fairly graded on their performance), and members of the general assembly. Jubelirer even openly critiques his own political performance, assessing his hits and misses and sharing his wish-list of “do-overs.”

    Standing as a principled challenge to political skeptics, Lessons from a Legislative Life distills a depth and breadth of political experience into a frank, fair, and introspective examination of a personal calling to serve and represent diverse interests and communities. It is an excellent read for students in government and public policy courses, or anyone interested in leadership and participation in public processes.

    Former lieutenant governor Robert C. Jubelirer served in eight consecutive terms in the Pennsylvania state legislature. He is currently head of the government relations division at the Obermayer, Rebmann, Maxwell, and Hippel law firm. He is on the Penn State University board of trustees.
    Vincent P. Carocci is a journalism graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and has written for the Associated Press, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and United Press International. He served as senior aide to the Democratic caucus of the Pennsylvania Senate and press secretary to Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey.
    David A. Atkinson was a senior staff aide and advisor to Senator Robert Jubelirer. He is a graduate of Shippensburg University and currently writing policy papers and scripting historical documentaries for the Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy.