John Remington: Executive Editor

John Remington I have one of the best jobs possible. I get to speak with highly intelligent people every day as they tap into their creativity to put together new texts. I’ve been in textbook/ebook publishing since the early 1980s when the ceiling on text prices was $20 (that is not a typo!). Much has changed since that time; the mega publishers no longer dictate the content of a work. Independent publishers like Cognella allow authors to publish to their vision while supplying complete editorial, developmental, and marketing services.

Cognella publishes textbooks (both original works and readers) in all content areas. See the list below for some recently published titles from authors with whom I've worked.

If you’d like to talk about any ideas you have please contact me with some times you’ll be free. I’ll be happy to set up a Zoom or give you a call:

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  1. Modern Rock
    From the 1960s On (First Edition)
    Scott D. Bacon
  2. Applied Communication and Practice
    (First Edition)
    Written and edited by Matt Crick and Kelli Jean K. Smith
  3. Principles of Economics
    An Incentives- and Examples-Based Approach to the Consequences of Economic Decisions (First Edition)
    Anthony Noce
  4. A User’s Guide for Planet Earth
    Fundamentals of Environmental Science (Revised Second Edition)
    Dork Sahagian
  5. The New Global Marketing
    Local Adaptation for Sustainability and Profit (Second Edition)
    Written by Johny K. Johansson and Michael T. Furick with Contributed Case Studies

7 Items

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