Introduction to Africana Studies

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the African Experience (First Edition)
Edited by Marc E. Prou
Paperback, 412 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62131-550-6 ©2013
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Introduction to Africana Studies

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    The rich collection of essays in Introduction to Africana Studies: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Africana Experience provides a thorough and scholarly examination of Africa and its diasporas, focusing on Africana social and cultural history.

    The selections are written by experts in the fields of literature, history, sociology, anthropology, political writing, feminism, and cultural analysis. Divided into five broad, thematic units, the book begins with an examination of the African continent, its people and civilizations from ancient times through colonialism and post-colonialism.

    Section Two addresses slavery, colonialism, and freedom. Historical perspective is provided through material on West Africa in the era of slave trade. Readers will benefit from fresh views on emancipation and gain insight into role of religion for African Americans.

    Section Three is devoted to critical issues of race analysis, including the new racism and racism and feminism. Section Four discusses civil rights, Pan-Africanism, and nationalism, with selections on Black Power, the March on Washington, and Pan-Africanism and national identities. Section Five moves the discussion firmly into the contemporary with works on gender, the Black family, and current public policy issues.

    Effectively opening up new areas of thought across academic disciplines, Introduction to Africana Studies can be used in both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Africana and African diaspora studies. The book is also a useful tool for researchers in the field.

    Marc Prou, Ed.D., is associate professor and chair of the Africana Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. In addition to his work in education, Dr. Prou is the co-founder and director of the Haitian Studies Association. His research in Africana and Caribbean studies focuses on social history, cultural studies, migration, linguistics, and education reform. Dr. Prou is the author of numerous scholarly publications, book chapters, and refereed articles in academic journals.