International Communication

Essential Readings (Revised Second Edition)
Edited by Vandana Pednekar-Magal
Paperback, 236 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5165-1286-7 ©2018
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International Communication

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    International Communication: Essential Readings is a critical guide to international communication studies and a valuable teaching resource. The volume brings together many perspectives on globalization and communication, thematically arranged with introductions to each section. The collection includes new essays on significant topics related to globalization, such as migration and transnational communities, as well as works seminal to the discipline of international communication. The readings provide a clear view on the many dimensions of global communications. They are engaging and accessible to undergraduate student and to those new to the discipline.

    This updated anthology includes selections by many authors including: Arjun Appadurai; Ulrich Beck; Manuel Castells; Elliot Dickinson; John D.H. Downing; Wimal Dissanayake; Peter Evans; Monroe E. Price; Vandana Pednekar-Magal; Cacilda M. Rego and Antonia C. La Pastina; Joseph S. Nye; Armand Mattelart; Myria Georgiou and Roger Silverstone; Joseph Stiglitz.

    Vandana Pednekar-Magal is professor of journalism and communication studies at Grand Valley State University.
    Adopting instructors will receive a sample syllabus.