Integrative Design

Building Systems for Architects and Architectural Engineers (First Edition)
By Khaled Mansy
Paperback, 314 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63487-265-2 ©2016
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Integrative Design

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    Integrative Design: Building Systems for Architects and Architectural Engineers helps students envision the interconnections between different building systems. Rather than presenting systems one at a time as is traditionally done, the book approaches building systems by following the real-world sequence of the design process. This begins with pre-design analysis followed by schematic design and finishes with design development.

    Section 1 deals with urban and suburban site analysis and design, as well as climate, time, and magnetic declination. Section 2 addresses building form and envelope design, specifically considerations for life safety codes, energy conservation, and roof design. It also covers floor planning with emphasis on systems planning. Section 3 is devoted to design development including environmental control systems and service systems design and coordination.

    The organization of the text clarifies the design process, enabling success in the classroom and design studio and a smoother transition to the professional world. This book can be used in any course that addresses the integrative design requirement of the National Architectural Accrediting Board.

    Khaled Mansy received his Ph.D. in architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Dr. Mansy has practiced as an architect and architectural consultant in Egypt and the United States and is currently a professor of architecture at Oklahoma State University specializing in energy analysis and sustainability in architecture. He has published extensively and been invited to speak nationally and internationally on design issues. Dr. Mansy is recipient of grants from the Environmental Protection Agency and National Science Foundation, and is a member of the Society of Building Science Educators.