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Inside Africa

(First Edition)
Marco Turco

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Inside Africa is a comprehensive and inclusive online course covering ancient, colonial, and contemporary Africa. Through activities, flashcards, interactive maps, discussions, debates, and more, the course offers students an academic approach to the material and a practical learning experience as well.

Over the course of 10 interactive units, students are invited to explore the many regions and multifaceted cultures and sub-structures of the African continent. The opening unit provides clickable maps, video clips, and timelines to highlight geographic features of African countries, the invention of Africa, and major events of the Independence Era. Additional units examine particular geographic regions of Africa, exploring historical timelines, key political events and social conflicts, unique geographical features and resources, and various cultural beliefs and traditions. Students learn about Africa’s environment, perspectives on family and kinship, and challenges and opportunities related to poverty, food security, sovereign debt and foreign aid, and trade and investment.

Throughout, students engage with interactive maps, dynamic timelines, enlightening video clips and interviews. Each unit also features notes on each topic, thought-provoking discussion opportunities, flashcards to reinforce key terms, recommended readings for further exploration, and quizzes to test students’ knowledge.

Inside Africa is an ideal learning tool for courses related to African studies, African-American studies, and introductory human geography.

Marco C. Turco is an adjunct lecturer in the departments of Africana Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies at the State University of New York, Plattsburgh. He has worked in higher education in the United States and has participated in culturally relevant development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Inside Africa provides a thorough exploration of the many regions and multifaceted cultures and sub-structures of the African continent.

Topics and activities include:

  • Interactive maps, timelines and matching activities based on Africa’s countries, regions, and composition.
  • Over 35 public domain videos encompassing history, literature, narratives, music, and culture.
  • Audio files featuring recent popular African music.
  • 10 chapter quizzes providing an assessment of significant chapter topics.
  • 10 decks of digital flashcards designed for student review and practice.
  • 9 glossary matching exercises
  • 6 PowerPoints
  • Discussion and debate topics covering topics including foreign investments, radicalization, violence, policies and much more.
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