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The Developing Writer

The Developing Writer's Guidebook

Conquering the Blank Page (First Edition)
Written and edited by John Paul Sloop

Perforated Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0535-7, 190 pages

The Developing Writer's Guidebook: Conquering the Blank Page focuses on the three areas developmental students most need in order to improve their academic writing skills – grammar, essay development, and revision strategies. The book combines student-friendly instruction with practice exercises and activities to target each step of the writing process.

The first part addresses the importance of study skills, particularly the ability to annotate text. Part II discusses essay development including audience, purpose, and tone. In Part III grammar concepts such as comma rules and pronoun agreement are presented, while Part IV features worksheets that allow students to practice the grammar concepts. Part V features high-interest writing assignments to encourage students to fully engage with their writing. Part VI teaches specific strategies, such as peer review and reverse outlining that enable students to revise and rewrite their work.

All the material in The Developing Writer's Guidebook has been extensively class-tested. Designed to show students that good writing is not only attainable, but enjoyable The Developing Writer's Guidebook is suitable for courses in basic, remedial, and developmental writing.

John Paul Sloop holds a Ph.D. in written discourse with an emphasis on composition and literacy studies. Dr. Sloop is currently a faculty member in the Department of Academic Support at Brigham Young University, Idaho where he also serves as director of the BYU-Idaho Writing Center. He has presented at the Federation Rhetoric Symposium and the EGAD Conference. Dr. Sloop is a member of the Modern Language Association and the International Writing Center Association.