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Reporting and Writing on Journalism’s New FrontierJeff Rowe

Reporting and Writing on Journalism’s New Frontier

(First Edition)
By Jeff Rowe

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-340-6, 184 pages


Reporting and Writing on Journalism's New Frontier teaches students the fundamentals of good reporting tactics and gives them a solid command of basic writing techniques.

The book emphasizes practical skills a good journalist needs before even beginning to report, explains the kind of stories that work best for each medium, explores good news-gathering habits, and describes successful interviewing tactics.

It provides clear guidelines for quality writing including the importance of organizing a story before writing, purging clichés, redundancies, and euphemisms, creating great headlines, and writing with clarity.

Individual chapters are devoted to the specific needs of writing for radio, television, and the web. The book also contains sound advice on libel and slander laws that are essential information for avoiding litigation.

Reporting and Writing on Journalism's New Frontier is a concise, current, engaging exploration of practical tools and techniques that writers can employ immediately and use every day. The book is designed for multimedia journalism courses.

A graduate of the University of Hawaii, Jeff Rowe is the co-founder of the News Academy at Fullerton College. He is a print, broadcast, and web journalist whose career has included staff reporting positions at The Associated Press, Orange County Register and Wall Street Journal. He also has been a radio news producer, television reporter and television news director. Rowe also is a co-author of Emerging Issues in Contemporary Journalism.