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Once Upon a Digital StorySusan Tennant

Once Upon a Digital Story

A Modern Approach to an Ancient Art (Second Edition)
Written by Susan Tennant with a contribution by Travis Faas

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0464-0, 162 pages


Throughout time, telling stories has been an integral part of culture, history, and the human experience.

Once Upon a Digital Story: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Art teaches readers the concepts, principles, and construction of storytelling across a variety of digital formats and platforms in our technological age. These range from fiction and nonfiction linear narrative to nonlinear interactive media including online, video, performance, game scenarios, and transmedia.

Students will learn what it is that makes good digital storytelling. They will explore the development process, organization, construction, and the use of social media and mobile devices for storytelling. Finally, students will gain valuable information about working in the industry, including freelance opportunities. Each chapter concludes with an extension topic for discussion and a content-related assignment.

From process to production, Once Upon a Digital Story provides examples, hyperlinks, and imagery that inform the reader about what to write, how to write, and how to create a media-rich digital story. Now featuring an expanded table of contents, the book has been developed for courses in media literacy, communications, writing, and media arts and sciences.

Susan Tennant earned her M.F.A. at the Herron School of Art and Design. She is a retired professor of digital storytelling from Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. Professor Tennant is an accomplished artist, sculptor, videographer, and photographer.

Visit her website at