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Developing Quantitative Literacy Through WritingGaylynne Carter Robinson
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Developing Quantitative Literacy Through Writing

By Gaylynne Carter Robinson

Perforated Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-324-8, 228 pages


Today’s university student has two pressing needs to be competent, educated, and competitive in the data-rich workplace: writing and quantitative literacy. Developing Quantitative Literacy Through Writing is a workbook of research and writing assignments that takes the student from posing a research question to critically analyzing journal articles, to learning basic quantitative and qualitative research, to preparing graphs and tables, and finally to writing a formal research paper based on the student’s own research. With over 40 different writing assignments, students learn to engage in a variety of information gathering activities, work collaboratively, problem-solve, explore, investigate, ponder, and learn. Topics of research are varied and interesting whether it’s doing descriptive studies, field observations, surveys, or in-class experiments, this is a great tool for the interactive classroom experience.

Gaylynne Robinson Gaylynne Carter Robinson teaches Writing for Anthropology and Writing for Quantitative Literacy at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at UTSA, and her Master’s in English at St. Mary’s University where she was a Distinguished Graduate. She continues to do post-graduate work in research and statistics.