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Creative Writing WorkshopIvy Page and Lisa Sisler

Creative Writing Workshop

A Guidebook for the Creative Writer (First Edition)
Edited by Ivy Page and Lisa Sisler

Spiral Bound ISBN: 978-1-62661-384-3, 142 pages


Creative Writing Workshop takes the devices and forms of creative writing and breaks them down into straightforward explanations of specific skills, thus helping students navigate the landscape of creative writing with ease and confidence.

Students first explore the differences between concrete and abstract language and learn forms of figurative speech including analogies, allegories, similes and metaphors. They then focus on specific forms of creative writing. These include fiction, creative non-fiction, and types of poetry, such as the sonnet, triolet, and villanelle. The book also provides helpful information on punctuation as well as resources for writing cover letters and biographies.

Creative Writing Workshop meets the three important needs of a student-writer. It serves as a reference guide to terminology and definition. It provides examples of excellent writing from working writers, and it offers space for students to create their own works directly on the pages of the book.

Creative Writing Workshop is written for beginning and intermediate creative writing courses. It can also be used in courses on analyzing and writing about literature.

Ivy Page holds an M.F.A. in poetry from New England College. She teaches writing and literature at colleges throughout New Hampshire. Professor Page’s work has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Boston Literary Magazine, and the Houston Literary Review. She is the author of Any Other Branch.
Lisa Sisler earned her M.F.A. in poetry at New England College. She is a lecturer at Kean University in New Jersey and the associate editor of OVS magazine. Her poetry has appeared in Contemporary American Voices, and Connotation Press. Professor Sisler is the editor of the anthology Knocking at the Door: Approaching the Other.