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Ignite the SoulHan Dai-Yu

Ignite the Soul

The Art of Figure Drawing
With Drawings and Text By Han Dai-Yu

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-332-8, 192 pages


This elegant textbook is an integration of Chinese aesthetics and culture with the instruction of figure drawing. The author uses Chinese calligraphy and its expressive use of line and form as examples of elevating the drawing of the human figure into an art form. The text is concise, easy to read and beautifully illustrated with the author’s figure drawings. —Katherine E. Smith, Associate Professor, Southeast Missouri State University

Ignite the Soul: The Art of Figure Drawing contains everything you need to learn to master the challenge of drawing the human figure. Uniting concepts from Chinese calligraphy and Western traditional art, Han Dai-Yu maps out a step-by-step approach suitable for both established artists looking to transcend their current approach and novices looking for a way to begin.

Part One: The Fundamentals. Gesture drawing, proportion, measurement, balance, rhythm and the concept of mass and space are all explored to help the artist loosen up.

Part Two: Anatomy. Emphasis is placed on how to construct the muscles and bones from the standpoint of an artist as opposed to a scientist.

Part Three: Advanced Drawing Techniques. Beyond the primary focus on structure and value, the last section entertains students with Chinese parables in an effort to take them beyond daily practice and to a place where they can bridge the gaps in their own technique and learn to explore themes.

Ignite the Soul is an excellent tool for teaching technical skills, while also recognizing, supporting, and encouraging the creative spirit and artistic process.

Illustrated entirely with drawings rendered by the author to demonstrate the oneness of theory and practice.

Han Dai-Yu received his B.F.A. and M.F.A. from the China National Academy of Art. From 2001-02, Dai-Yu prevailed as an Artiste dans la Residence et La Cite Internationale des Arts Paris and then spent 2002-06 in the U.S.A as a visiting scholar and artist. He was the founder of a Chinese Comprehensive Art program and taught drawing and painting classes for over ten years. His volumes on drawing and painting are published by the China National Academy Press and Taipei International Cultural Publishing House. His solo exhibitions have been housed in many international locations, including the Shanghai Art Museum and Museum of Chinese Painting Institute in Shanghai, La Cite Internationale des Arts Paris, and the LA Contemporary Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Most recently invitations for his work have come from the New York Contemporary Art Fair and SCOPE Miami.