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Songs, Scriptures, and StoriesWilliam Lindsey

Songs, Scriptures, and Stories

Primary Sources from the Religious Traditions of Asia (First Edition)
Edited by William Lindsey

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-537-3, 156 pages


Songs, Scriptures, and Stories offers readers a wide selection of primary sources chosen for both their cultural importance and their potential to spark student interest in Asian religious traditions. The reading selections typify specific cultural idioms, yet speak to global human themes that prompt debate and discussion.

Readers explore Hinduism, Chinese religions, and Buddhism. The readings include not only excerpts from works well known in the West like the Bhagavad Gita, the Analects, Zhuang Zi, the Dhammapada and others, but also cherished selections from the vernacular side of Asia’s religious cultures such as India’s Prem Sagur, China’s Legend of Miao Shan, and the Bamboo Cutter’s Daughter from Japan.

The focus is on the literature rather than descriptions or interpretations, which gives instructors the freedom to tailor lectures and supplemental materials to the specific needs of their courses. Students benefit from the mix of classic and less familiar documents, which creates a lively and engaging mix of sacred hymns, poetry, scripture, and legendary tales.

Songs, Scriptures, and Stories is well suited to survey courses on Asian religions or religious literature.

William Lindsey is an associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas, where his teaching and research interests include religion in Japan and Korea and religious traditions of Asia. He is the author of Fertility and Pleasure: Ritual and Sexual Values in Tokugawa Japan, a number of articles and also public presentations.