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Quest for Examined BeliefsHemchand Gossai

Quest for Examined Beliefs

A Thematic Introduction to Religious Studies (Revised Edition)
Edited by Hemchand Gossai

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-378-6, 220 pages


Quest for Examined Beliefs presents a thematic approach to the study of Religion. The introductory topics examined in this text are organized into eight thematic sections: Religion and the World; Religion and Nationhood; Religion and Justice; Religion and Gender; Peace and War; Religion: Suffering and Hope; Religion and Society; God and Humanity. Students are introduced to principal primary sources through a selection of sacred texts. The diverse range of voices in these selections provides a variety of perspectives, all of which have implications for contemporary society. Professors and students alike will discover existential issues in these chapters that will touch their lives in some way. Quest for Examined Beliefs is not intended to be exhaustive; rather, it presents a foundation on which to build an ongoing conversation.

Hemchand Gossai Hemchand Gossai is Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia Southern University. He is the author of several books including Barrenness and Blessing: Abraham, Sarah and Journey of Faith and A Requiem for Neil. He speaks extensively to Civic, Religious and College groups on such themes as Social Justice and A Just Society; the Inspired Life; the Virtue of Interrupted Lives.