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Modern JudaismRabbi Rifat Sonsino

Modern Judaism

An Introduction to the Beliefs and Practices of Contemporary Judaism (First Edition)
By Rabbi Rifat Sonsino, Ph.D.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-437-0, 254 pages


Modern Judaism: An Introduction to the Beliefs and Practices of Contemporary Judaism is a modern, up-to-date introduction to Judaism as a culture and as an expression of faith.

The book begins with a survey of Jewish history in order to provide a context for the thoughts and practices of Judaism today.

Topics covered in the text include:

  • The Basic Principles of Judaism
  • Festivals and Life-cycle Events
  • Jewish Views of the Afterlife
  • The Organization of Today's Jewish Communities
  • The Jewish Home
  • The Relationship Between Judaism and Other Religions

The book includes selected texts and basic Hebrew prayers to help readers with important religious rituals both at home and in the synagogue. It also reviews important technical Hebrew vocabulary to provide readers with a better understanding of some of the concepts that stand at the center of rich Jewish traditions.

Modern Judaism is an excellent introduction to a centuries old religion and culture, and it thoughtfully expresses how this religion and culture can be, and are, meaningfully expressed in today's society.

Rabbi Rifat Sonsino earned his law degree from the University of Istanbul, his rabbinic ordination from the Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion, and his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth Shalom in Needham, Massachusetts and a faculty member of the Department of Theology at Boston College. Rabbi Sonsino has served congregations in Buenos Aires, Philadelphia, and Chicago. He is the author of numerous articles and books, and has chaired various committees both regionally and nationally. He is a past editor of the Central Conference of American Rabbis' Journal (today, The Reform Jewish Quarterly).