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Human Expressions of SpiritualityEDITED BY MARGARET M. MCKINNON
    Print $133.95 $106.95

Human Expressions of Spirituality

Edited by Margaret M. McKinnon

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-950-9, 372 pages


Human Expressions of Spirituality is a collection of essays by scholars in the fields of history, theology, and spirituality from the primal peoples to the world's great religious traditions. These scholars chart the foundations and development of these religions as well as explain the essence of their spirituality. In addition to the religious and spiritual themes, a study of humanity's relationship to ecology, compassion, social justice, food, art and music are explored. It is clear that the spiritual wisdom throughout the ages continues to inspire contemporary society and culture.

Human Expressions of Spirituality provides

  • A plethora of information from a historical overview of primal and world religions of West and East including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism and their accompanying spiritualities, as well as secular spirituality.
  • An exploration of social themes and how they impact the human spirit and the human community.
  • A variety of scholars and specialists' contributions, helping the reader learn from many different views on the world's religions and gain a sense of the accompanying spiritualities.
  • An opportunity to discover your own spiritual tradition more deeply, and to appreciate and even assimilate the vast spiritual legacies of our world today.

Margaret M. McKinnon, PhD, DMin., holds two doctorates from Graduate Theological Foundation, in Mishawaka, Indiana, and is an Adjunct Faculty Credit Instructor in the School of World Studies—Religious/Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. She is also an online facilitator for the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation with the University of Dayton, Ohio and has over twenty-five years in parish ministry as a religious educator.