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Ever the Twain Shall MeetRosamond C Rodman

Ever the Twain Shall Meet

Religion & Politics in the U.S. (First Edition)
Edited by Rosamond C Rodman

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-312-6, 204 pages


Ever the Twain Shall Meet: Religion & Politics in the U.S. explores the entwined nature of religion and politics in the history and construction of the U.S. Using the text, students are empowered to deeply explore common ideas and narratives about religion and politics in the U.S. Its contents are designed to provoke conversation and critical thinking about the impact of religious ideas and actions on the geopolitical self-identity of the country.

The book provides students with primary texts that prompt a reconsideration of the intersections between religion and politics in the U.S. The texts range from Native responses to European missionaries, Frederick Douglass’ Fourth of July speech, and recent Supreme Court First Amendment cases. As students engage these texts, they develop their analytic and contextualizing skills.

Ever the Twain Shall Meet provides excellent source materials for courses in U.S. history, political science, and religious studies courses.

Rosamond C. Rodman, Ph.D., teaches in the Department of Religious Studies at California State University, Northridge.