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A Question of Balance Suchismita Sen

A Question of Balance

The Study of Religions (First Edition)
By Suchismita Sen

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-096-3, 168 pages


A Question of Balance: The Study of Religions helps readers recognize and explore the nature of the religious phenomenon and its diverse expression across cultures. In a fresh, innovative approach, the book blends classical studies of religion with contemporary knowledge about the human mind and human behavior.

A Question of Balance addresses four important issues. The material examines how the concept of religion spans social and cultural boundaries and encompasses multiple meanings. It places the discussion of religion within the context of religious studies as an academic discipline.

It provides an overview of three major religious traditions (Hindu-Buddhist, Chinese, and Abrahamic). Finally, the book examines religious phenomenon against the backdrop of advances in neurobiology and behavioral biology to demonstrate how religion is both an expression of the self and a long-standing cultural practice.

A Question of Balance gives students the opportunity to see how science and humanities can come together in an academic setting to create a more meaningful understanding of both. The book is written as a companion to standard textbooks for courses in philosophy, humanities, and religious studies.

Suchismita Sen earned her master’s degree in German and her Ph.D. in comparative literature at Pennsylvania State University before joining the faculty as a senior lecturer and Director of Hindi programs in the Department of Asian Studies. She initiated the university’s Religion and Science Lecture Series and has had her research funded by the President’s Fund for Undergraduate Research and the Donald Haag Research Fund On the Humanities. Dr. Sen is fluent in English, Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, and German.