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Introductory Logic for College Students: What is a Good Argument? (First Edition)Corinne Painter

Introductory Logic for College Students

What is a Good Argument? (First Edition)
By Corinne Painter

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-645-5, 322 pages


Dr. Painter has written a clear, easy to understand and use, student friendly logic book. In an extremely accessible and inviting style, Dr. Painter’s book covers the major topics relevant to an introductory course in logic. With Dr. Painter’s book as a companion, student learning outcomes are sure to be met.—Dr. Carole Heath, philosophy, Malcolm X College

With both clarity and insight, Dr. Painter provides students with a solid foundation for understanding—and more importantly—implementing the basic principles of argumentation. Not only will students become better thinkers as a result of working through this text, they will also find the process engaging and enjoyable. Remarkably concise, yet accessible to students at all levels, Logic for College Students is the ideal introductory logic text.—Laurel Madison, Saint Louis University, School for Professional Studies

Prof. Painter’s new book is admirably concise—focusing on just the right material for a one semester course in beginning logic. … My experience suggests that Painter’s “tips” address precisely the issues that tend to bother beginning students, and she does an excellent job of answering these questions that she raises on the students’ behalf.—Professor James E. Roper, Philosophy, Michigan State University

Introductory Logic for College Students teaches students logical principles and argument forms in an accessible and understandable way. The book effectively uses explanations, illustrations, and examples that are particularly appropriate for those who are new to the discipline.

This high-interest and student-friendly text engages readers, and challenges them to apply what they are learning through exercises and problems that are both interesting and academically rigorous. Dialogue boxes throughout the book address typical challenges students face when studying certain principles of logic, and explain how to use these skills in argument analysis and construction.

Clear and concise, Introductory Logic for College Students doesn't weigh the reader down with extraneous material not typically covered in a one-semester introductory course. Written as a stand-alone text, this book is ideal for courses in logic and critical thinking courses that focus on formal arguments.

Corinne Painter earned her Ph.D. in philosophy at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Painter is a member of the professional faculty of the philosophy department at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, where her course offerings include logic, critical thinking, ethics, social-political philosophy, and philosophy of religion. She is the co-editor of and a contributor to Phenomenology and the Non-Human Animal: At the Limits of Experience, and has published numerous articles on animal ethics, ancient philosophy, and Continental philosophy.