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Introduction to Scientific ThoughtJohn Oakes

Introduction to Scientific Thought

(Newly Revised First Edition)
Edited by John Oakes

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63189-090-1, 256 pages


This textbook is intended for use in a course on scientific thought. It includes a mixture of classic readings from the great figures in science and in the philosophy of science, as well as practical essays on scientific methodology, ethics and pseudoscience. Students will be introduced to the scientific world view: its sphere and limitations. The book develops the methodology, epistemology, history and philosophy of science. It will give the student tools to reflect on the ethical implications of scientific discovery. In addition, the student will be trained in skepticism and critical thinking in order to distinguish pseudoscience from real science. The distinction between scientific and religious thought will be considered, as well as a discussion of the questions of interest to both.

John Oakes received his bachelor of science in chemistry from the University of Connecticut in 1977 and his PhD in chemical physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr. Oakes has been a professor of chemistry and physics at Gonzaga University, Marian College (Wisconsin) and Grossmont College. He has taught classes on the history and philosophy of science for over twenty years and directed honors programs at both Marian College and Grossmont College. He has published six books and given invited lectures on science and religion at dozens of universities and in more than fifty countries.