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Introduction to PhilosophyJames Gustafson

Introduction to Philosophy

(First Edition)
By James W. Gustafson

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63487-318-5, 468 pages


Introduction to Philosophy allows students to sharpen critical analytic skills while experiencing the world of thought involved in philosophy. The book exposes readers to the ideas that have shaped the world since the time of Socrates. It challenges students' assumptions about questions of life, death, and community.

Introduction to Philosophy engages students in philosophical topics that can support their academic work and enable them to participate in society's ongoing conversation about the basic principles that underlie western civilization. It makes use of illustrations and humor to maintain interest. Boxes within the text set off explanations and applications of the philosophies, as well as quotes from the philosophers.

Written to be accessible and relatable for students, the book is also structured to allow professors to select the topics most applicable to their particular courses. Introduction to Philosophy is designed for introductory classes in the discipline. It can also be used for courses in sociology, religion, and literature.

After majoring in philosophy at Wheaton College and studying theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, James W. Gustafson earned his Ph.D. in philosophy at Boston University. He teaches philosophy at Northern Essex Community College, where he is now professor of philosophy emeritus. Dr. Gustafson is also an adjunct professor at Scott Theological University in Kenya and at Luther W. New. Theological College in Dehradun, India. He has also shared his knowledge and love of philosophy as a lecturer in Romania.