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One Hit WondersMurray Krugman

One Hit Wonders

Using Film to Analyze the Music Industry (First Edition)
By Murray Krugman

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62661-669-1, 140 pages


One Hit Wonders is a complete introduction to the music industry from the initiation of production to distribution of the final product. Each chapter is related to a popular film about the industry, making the content student-friendly and highly accessible and creating a cycle of fictional rock cinema linked to informative text.

The book neatly sidesteps conventional organization, with material grouped into clean, clear sections that focus on archetypes, emotions, and experiences. Rather than addressing the best way to find and hire a publicist, the book encourages students to examine “the moment” that musical magic begins to brew.

Through iconic films like Jailhouse Rock and Phantom of the Paradise, students explore topics such as the mores of existing as a musician in this modern world and music’s ability to create enormous possibilities for personal transformation.

One Hit Wonders teaches students that the music industry is more than a business—it’s an experience. The book is written for courses in music industry management and production. It can also serve as a supplemental text for courses in popular culture and contemporary music appreciation.

Murray Krugman is a graduate of Wesleyan University and Vermont Law School. He lectures for the Music Department at the University of New Haven in the Music Industry Program. He has produced gold and platinum albums for musicians such as Blue Oyster Cult, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Johnny Winter, and seminal punk group The Dictators. Professor Krugman started his own record label, Silverwolf, and currently has 150 titles in worldwide distribution. His work with the seminal metal band Pentagram is detailed in the Sundance film Last Days Here. Billboard Magazine lists him as one of the top 500 rock music producers.