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Music Fundamentals for the GuitarBY ROBERT BOZINA

Music Fundamentals for the Guitar

By Robert Bozina

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-93555-180-5, 72 pages


This text is for guitar players. As guitarists know, an essential strength of the instrument is its grounding in folkloric culture and oral traditions. Learning to read music, write music, and peruse the infinite body of knowledge that constitutes music theory are adjunct to the instrument itself yet these capacities are helpful to the preservation of repertory and advancement of skills.

Music Fundamentals for the Guitar is outlined by the following chapters:

  • Basic Elements
  • Notes, Beams, Rests, Ties and Dots
  • Rhythm
  • Accidentals
  • Modes, Scales and Key Signatures
  • Minor Scales and the Chromatic Style
  • Rhythmic Training Drills
  • Introduction to Sight Reading: The First Position


Robert Bozina studied guitar and composition at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music and San Francisco State University, in addition to doing extensive research and post graduate work in musical ethnology at The Republic of Cuba's Central Nacional de Escuelas de Arte (CNEArt). Currently serving as a faculty member at The City College of San Francisco, recordings of his original works with Julliard soprano Judy Hubbell were proclaimed a "significant contribution to the literature" by the Guitar Foundation of America. His studio work for Vanguard Records in New York and Los Angeles landed him on "Wire" magazine's top 100 list of 'albums that scorched the earth in the 20th Century.' He also founded Guitar and World Music programs at the University of California, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University.