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Beyond the MusicBy Rick DiGiallonardo and John Fishell

Beyond the Music

An Introduction to the Music Industry
By Rick DiGiallonardo and John Fishell

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-738-3, 132 pages


Reads like having a conversation with the man himself—entertaining, informative, enlightening, and authentic. Learn from someone who has been there and back—Rick DiGiallonardo shares his insights gleaned from working with the biggest names in the music industry and everyone who reads this will come away a clear understanding of the state-of-the-art.
Dr. Hans Sturm
Professor of Double Bass & Jazz Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Past President, International Society of Bassists

When discussing Music Business there is clearly no shortage of credible sources. However, modern students and musicians require not a dense tome of difficult to apply and seemingly random facts, but rather a resource which artfully explains even the most complex concepts within the field in the simplest of terms. DiGiallonardo has seemingly effortlessly accomplished this with "Beyond The Music: An Introduction To The Music Industry," creating a required textbook for Music Industry curricula and an invaluable guide for musicians and music entrepreneurs, whether just beginning studies or currently in the field.
Kyle P. Snyder
Audio Engineer / Technologist
Chair, Central Indiana Section of the Audio Engineering Society

If you want to learn how musicians and industry professionals have been treated for decades, if you want to be armed with legitimate tools to navigate the business and prepare you for a career in the industry, then read the book "Beyond The Music." I have followed the author's career for years and what makes him stand head and shoulders above other authors is his combination of advanced education, practical experience, varied commercial success and phenomenal musical ability. As a Career Counselor and consultant, I can say with confidence, you couldn't ask for a better resource than "Beyond The Music" to help guide you through the surprisingly complicated music industry.
Michael Buys, M.A., LMHC

Beyond the Music: An Introduction to the Music Industry is the rare book that effectively combines an academic approach that is appropriate for serious study with an insider's view of how to achieve professional success in a highly competitive area of the entertainment world. The authors have extensive background experience in performing and recording, and currently share their knowledge in university-level courses.

Beyond the Music was written for students of the music and entertainment marketing businesses. It is also an excellent tool for artists seeking to learn more about entering the music business. The book provides an inside look at the industry through the eyes of musicians who have been there—from the garage to the record deals and world tours.

The ten chapters of the book discuss career opportunities in the music industry, and address important aspects of the business including:

  • Finding Record Deals
  • Working with Managers, Agents and Attorneys
  • Record Company Contracts and Royalties
  • Copyright
  • Producers and the Production Process

Covering aspects that students usually don't learn about in typical courses of study, Beyond the Music is a comprehensive guide to the music industry, useful for both aspiring and experienced musicians.

Rick DiGiallonardo completed his undergraduate studies in Music at Portland State University and his graduate studies in Music Theory and Jazz at the University of North Texas. He is the Director of Music Media Performance and Industry, and an Associate Professor of Music at Ball State University. He teaches in the areas of intellectual property and copyright law, producing, and recording. Prior to entering the academic world, Rick worked extensively in the music industry, with contracts at both Geffen Records and Polygram Records. Professor DiGiallonardo received three gold and three platinum albums over the course of his recording career, as well as two Grammy nominations and an American music Award. Recently, Rick has produced several albums for Indie artists. He has also worked on movie soundtracks, winning the Best Movie Soundtrack award at the London International Film Festival. Professor DiGiallonardo continues to perform live, and for studio engagements.