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Beginning ChineseBy Siu-Fong Evans and Lui Goujing Evans
    Print $88.95 $70.95

Beginning Chinese

By Siu-Fong Evans and Lui Goujing Evans

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-60927-023-0, 596 pages


This book provides a glimpse into the Chinese culture, history and language, giving readers an optimal language learning experience.
– Dr. Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, San Diego State University

Siu-Fong Evans, a diligent, experienced Chinese instructor, has made a great contribution to students and teachers with Beginning Chinese: Easy to Learn.
– Professor Ping C. Hu, Chinese Studies, University of California, San Diego

This book brings the illogical to the logical situations.
– Dr. William A. Hawkes Robinson

Among all my collections of Chinese languages books, this is the best one.
– Satoshi Takagawa, Student

Every word and phrase in Beginning Chinese: Easy-to-Learn is designed to help students learn better, faster, and with confidence. This classroom-tested text puts all of the features found in the traditional textbook, workbook, and exercise book into a single, well-organized package. It also provides a complete learning experience for students by supplementing the text with a variety of cultural images and descriptions from Chinese society. Beginning Chinese: Easy-to-Learn also contains a host of rich features, including over 1,300 sentence examples, detailed four tones illustration, and superior radical, writing, and pronunciation guides. This is a unique and invaluable text for use in any beginning Chinese course.

Siu-Fong Evans (吕少芳) is a college instructor of Chinese language and Taiji since 1999. She has a deep passion for the Chinese Culture and arts. Her Chinese articles and traditional poetry have been published in many newspapers and magazines in Beijing, USA, and Canada. Her taiji has won numerous honors including Champion of the Year 2000 and Coach of the Year 2001 from USA Wushu Kungfu Federation.
Lui Guojing Evans (吕国晶), Siu-Fong’s daughter, was born and raised in Southern California, but was always surrounded by her mother's love of Chinese language and culture. She currently teaches Tai Chi, which her mother taught her, at the family school, the JING Institute of Chinese Martial Arts & Culture.