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Culture and ContextAdam Sweeting and Natalie McKnight
    Print $123.95 $98.95

Culture and Context (Volume I)

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Literature (First Edition)
Edited by Adam Sweeting and Natalie McKnight

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-62131-726-5, 474 pages


Culture and Context presents many of the best literary works of western culture within the context of the arts, politics, philosophies, and cultural developments of the same time periods.

It helps readers approach challenging texts by first introducing them to accessible, complementary art forms such as architecture, sculpture, and painting. This enhances understanding of important connections between the various forms of artistic expression of an era.

Volume 1 begins with an examination of the ancient Mediterranean world. It then moves through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and Baroque Eras. Volume 2 covers the Age of Enlightenment, Romanticism and Realism, and concludes with the twentieth century.

Featuring authors ranging from Sappho to Sylvia Plath, Shakespeare to Seamus Heaney, the anthology uses primarily whole texts to create a deeper, more meaningful connection to the material. The book includes biographies of the featured authors, discussion questions for each reading, and suggestions for written assignments.

Culture and Context is designed for interdisciplinary humanities courses. It can also be used in introductory courses on western civilization and survey literature courses.

Adam Sweeting earned his Ph.D. in American studies at New York University. He is an associate professor, and the Acting Chair of the Division of Humanities at Boston University, College of General Studies. His most recent book is Beneath the Second Sun: A Cultural History of Indian Summer.
Natalie McKnight earned her Ph.D. in English and American literature from the University of Delaware. She teaches humanities, and is the Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning at Boston University. She is the author of Idiots, Madmen and Other Prisoners in Dickens and Suffering Mothers in Mid-Victorian Novels.

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