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In Liberating StrifeVikki J. Deakin

In Liberating Strife

An American History Reader (First Edition)
Edited by Vikki J. Deakin

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0299-8, 438 pages


Developed specifically for survey courses in United States history, In Liberating Strife: An American History Reader features scholarly yet accessible articles and book chapters on a variety of topics. The book is designed to encourage lively discussion and to encourage students to explore and analyze history in depth.

Organized into three primary units that discuss political, economic, and social and cultural history and institutions, this inclusive text features diverse authors and voices. Students will read about the experiences and contributions of a radical female labor leader, a free black man in the 19th century south, and the Brown Berets who led the Chicano fight for U.S. Citizenship rights. They will explore topics such as gerrymandering, the participation of women in the American Revolution, and 20th century literacy laws.

This outstanding supplemental reader gives professors and students a chance to step away from the typical chronological narrative structure of history courses, and view history as the interaction of issues, events, and individuals. In Liberating Strife is an ideal text for courses in American history, institutions, and civilization.

Vikki J. Deakin earned her Ph.D. in history at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Now an associate professor of history at Weber State University in Utah, Dr. Deakin has taught courses on the American Revolution, African-American history, colonial America, and American civilization. An expert on Thomas Paine, she is the author of My Pen and My Soul Have Ever Gone Together: Thomas Paine and the American Revolution, from Routledge Press. In addition to her work with the university, Dr. Deakin serves as a lecturer for the History Alliance, an evening program of discourse for secondary public school history teachers.